Press and praise

I am absolutely loving Klopp Actually. It was one of my favourite, favourite birthday presents. It's very funny!

Zoe Ball
BBC Radio 2

I'll be honest, when I heard about this I thought it was going to be dull and make me yearn for outside, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance! It's so gentle, funny, interesting and calming, and I love your friendship. Thank you for making it and sorry I ever doubted you.

A Dance A Day

My new favourite comedian

Alan Chadwick
Scottish Daily Mail

The stand-up may deliver her set with a warm smile, but there’s real steel and grit which underpins her comedy.

Catherine Renton
The Wee Review

…she brings clarity and punchlines to her explanation of what’s up with the world. And rarely is news of catastrophe so cheerily delivered.

Steve Bennett

…hilarious …emotional …perfect

Catherine Renton
The Wee Review

…an excellent comedian

Geoff Evans

…shades of Victoria Wood

Kirstyn Smith

…a bouncy, bubbly stand-up star is born

Dominic Cavendish
The Telegraph

…stomach-achingly funny

Angela Johnson
Entertainment Focus

I can't help but be in awe

Katherine Knight
The F-Word

…a masterpiece

Nici West
Voice Magazine

…an hour of comedy that is as moving as it is comical …'Trying' is a comedy show that proves a point, fights a stigma, and will have you in fits of laughter

Barrie Jerram
The Argus

This was laugh-hard material, which included well-aimed caustic swipes at pseudo-scientific ideas, urban myths, and the well-meaning or not so well-meaning things people say to someone struggling with mental health and/or conception

Jonna Brett
Broadway Baby

If anyone can make an audience crack up about, well, cracking-up, Laura Lexx seems able to

Jonna Brett
Broadway Baby

simply fantastic... in the most pitiful way...

...charmingly amateur and outrageously funny, the show tapped into a place inside of us oft-neglected since childhood...

...Comedians Cinema Club is a gloriously entertaining idea, and this excellent team had all the right skill, energy and silliness to wholeheartedly pull it off.

Georgia Grace
The Badger Online

Best moments are too many to list, which is why everyone should see Comedian’s Cinema Club in action. Improvisation is not easy to do well but this group manage to do a marvellous job of enhancing (and sometimes ruining) your favourite films without taking themselves too seriously.

Carmen Dupre

…a charming, personable comic with a solid set of routines and twinkling manner…

Jay Richardson
The Scotsman

…an alarmingly competent stand-up; her presence and delivery is faultless…

Ben Venables
The Skinny

…an avalanche of clever quips, shrewd observations and more heartfelt, down-to-earth honesty than you could expect from an hour of comedy… Perhaps even more effective than her jokes, however, is her winning manner; it’s simply not possible to sit through her show without wanting to befriend her… superb material, brilliant delivery and irresistible personality… she successfully combines the comedy with real heart – a sure-fire sign of a Fringe success.

Jonny Sweet
TV Bomb

an uplifting comedy experience… Lexx is truly on her way to great success

Calum Wilson
Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Laura Lexx oozes charm and charisma out of every orifice… one of the best comedians on the circuit today. She can command an audience with the simplest of eyebrow raises… a master of tangents and callbacks.

Kate Lennon
Funny Women

If you want an hour of absolute joy that will leave you grinning like the Cheshire cat you have just enjoyed an hour in the company of then go and see this show. It’ll leave you with warm and fuzzy feelings and you’ll go to sleep knowing that dreams really do come true.

Kate Lennon
Funny Women

Delighting in misdirection, and delivering even her sarcasm and irony with a sparkly grin, there’s no stopping Laura…

Fiona Mossman
Broadway Baby

Lexx is incredibly engaging and it's difficult to see what will stop her success.

Ben Venables
The Skinny

With a winning smile and a soft, honeyed delivery that somehow contrives never to cloy… Lexx has put together a delightful and worthwhile hour

Tom Hackett

…optimistic, exuberant… it's difficult not to love her just a little bit… comedy really suits her.

Stephanie Gray
ThreeWeeks Edinburgh

Lovely, sincere and honest… truly entertaining

Sally Trivett
Voice Magazine

…an hour's insight into her merry life wasn't enough… hilarious, kind-hearted and genuine comedy

Sally Trivett
Voice Magazine

The Comedians Cinema Club’s movies are chaotic, alcohol-fuelled and very funny indeed


…bubbly, cheeky and, above all, absolutely hilarious

Sam Jones
Somerset County Gazette

…real comedic steel

James Kettle
The Guardian

she immediately charms the audience with her quick quips and seamlessly improvised banter… consistently funny and charming… fantastically offbeat and hilarious… imaginative oddball style

Andy Smith
Broadway Baby

an impressive knack for stand-up… the comedy equivalent of a pinball machine

Eddie Nisbet
ThreeWeeks Edinburgh

Hugely uplifting

Daisy Buchanan, author of Careering

A joyous celebration of female friendship

Caronline Corcoran, author of Five Days Missing

Refreshing and hilarious

Helly Acton, author of The Shelf

It's rare to find brilliant new talent, rarer still to discover it on Twitter but Laura's thread on Klopp was my highlight of the year. I cannot wait to see what she does in book form. I shall devour it. A great shining comedic talent

Emma Kennedy

Laura is so funny and I can't wait to read this book and I hope it isn't awkward when I *actually* marry Jürgen Klopp

Sara Pascoe

I'd LOVE to read a whole book of Laura's funny, clever, sweet imagination... it made me laugh a huge amount!

Marian Keyes

Her mile a minute delivery had the audience in stitches… the loudest laughs of the night… I for one was disappointed that her set had to end.

Intermission Bristol

I was genuinely amazed by her performance

West Sussex County Times

…an amazing performance… Her interaction with the audience was unbelievably good, finding the funniest jokes about her targets with bewildering speed and getting consistently huge laughs in the process.

Mid Sussex Times

Seriously, this girl had most of the audience crying after 20 minutes.

Charm personified with a fast paced confessional set

The Argus

a joy… roars of laughter

The Independent

…one of the most delightful performers you're ever likely to see

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