Knee Jerk

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Knee Jerk shines a light on how hard it is to be a good person these days. The world seems furious at the moment, whether that is over Brexit, carbon emissions, gender, plastics in the sea, nationality or whether or not we should be aiming for the future or the past. Maybe Laura is projecting, but, is all this arguing and fighting down to the fact we're absolutely terrified? In Knee Jerk, Laura uses the tricks she learned to cope with her eco-anxiety to try and soothe the world's temper and calm down our various phobias.

Laura has a laugh taking on many of society’s big issues – social media, mental health, climate change and conceiving - asking questions such as, can you change the world without offending anyone? Can we stop being terrified and start being nicer to each other? Can you use netball to solve the gender pay gap? Spoiler alert: come for jokes, not for answers!

Sold out every single show, in the Top 30 Best Reviewed Comedy Shows at the Edinburgh Festival 2019, three 5-star reviews, ten 4-star reviews… we'll call that a win.

2020 sees Laura heading off on her debut UK Tour… across 4 months and 22 dates, she is taking the very best of her past Edinburgh Festival shows around the country to finally show them off.

Knee Jerk 2020 tour poster