National Treasures

Tag along with comedians Laura Lexx and Will Duggan for a day out at some of nation's finest attractions. Castles, stately homes, ruins, art galleries and museums. Listen as they stumble through muddy fields, hallowed halls and half-remembered historical facts. It’s like an audio tour… only narrated by two idiots.

Past episodes
National Treasures - Devil's Dyke

We’re heading back to 2019 for this, the final episode of series 1. It’s December and we’re in Sussex to have a brisk winter stroll around Devil’s Dyke, which was VERY MUDDY (we found… More information

National Treasures - Warwick Castle

It’s a return to the Wars of the Roses this week as we lay sightseeing-siege to Warwick Castle, once home to the warmongering 16th Earl of Warwick, Richard ‘the Kingmaker’ Neville.… More information

National Treasures - The Whitworth Art Gallery

We’re up in Manchester, Will’s former stomping ground. Although the nostalgia need not end there as we’re in town to visit The Whitworth, an Art Gallery where the young Will used also… More information

National Treasures - Kew Gardens

It’s March, well it isn’t, but in this episode it very much is. March the 11th to be precise and we’re going to Kew Botanical Gardens. Good news for two reasons, you can’t actually go… More information

National Treasures - Beeston Castle

This week we head back to the start of the year and Cheshire to take a good look at Beeston Castle, an Iron Age fort atop a very steep hill. Apparently, the castle is the hiding place of… More information

National Treasures - King Richard III Visitor Centre

This week we head back to February and our trip to Leicester’s King Richard III Visitor Centre. Now King Richard III has a bit of a reputation and Laura is NOT a fan, but will she change… More information

National Treasures - Blenheim Palace

In our first – ever – episode we take you to Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire on bright but blustery day in February. Blenheim, an absolutely massive and very posh house, is home to the… More information

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